ExpressVPN 1.0

This free software lets you quickly and easily change your computer's IP address, providing extra privacy

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Protecting the identity of prudent netizens, ExpressVPN creates its secure network connection. The VPN (Virtual Private Network) software package features a reliable user anonymizing toolset, plus an easy to configure layout. Furthermore, after the software has been installed and activated, it takes less than a minute to access one of the identity anonymizing servers, many of which are located in other countries.

The main reason to install and use a VPN is to secure the identity and location of an internet user. Essentially, there are agencies on the internet who snoop data. They latch on to an IP address, then trace it back to its origins. Location and user identity, both of these user-designating tags travel exposed on the internet. With ExpressVPN, those markers are instantly concealed. The application disguises location, shifts it to one of 94 different locations. It also, perhaps more importantly, simultaneously masks the user so that cautious individuals can surf the internet anonymously.

Most important of all, ExpressVPN performs admirably when it activates its user anonymizing features. Real IP addresses are disguised, masked so that a technology savvy third-party can't monitor user activity. Featuring 256-bit AES encryption, it would be impossible for an outside agency to read data that has been shrouded by this service. Further reinforcing that feature, the service includes DNS obfuscation and IPv6 leak protection. The offices of this identity-scrambling service approach this matter with caution. Data retention isn't a problem here, not when the company has ties to The British Virgin Islands, a region where such laws are not supported.

This service doesn't just conceal locations, it makes a user seem as if they're located elsewhere. Using the easy-access software interface, a concerned netizen can quickly select a location from 2000 servers. Seemingly located globally, in 94 geophysically different locales, each of these nations grants the internet surfer different access privileges. For example, if someone wants to view geoblocked content in the United Kingdom, select a UK server. Once locked into the software settings, the program user will, for all intents and purposes, seem to be in that nation. Perceived as a UK national by the geoblocked content provider, the streaming media becomes available.

Finally, there are the convenience factors to consider. ExpressVPN servers are fast. They also protect other internet protocols, so P2P or torrenting activities are protected. Available for all devices and for all prevailing operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux, this top-tier service is an easy to install all-rounder, one that delivers big-time on the security and user anonymizing front.

  • Comprehensive range of identity protecting tools
  • 256-Bit AES encryption
  • Servers located in 94 nations
  • No data records are retained
  • Effective geoblocking feature
  • Fast servers
  • P2P protection
  • Protects all devices
  • Thirty day money back guarantee
  • User-friendly client app for popular operating systems
  • Limits outgoing connections
  • Expensive plans

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